What is Argus?

Argus is an open-source monitor for new software releases, be that through GitHub release tracking, or website change detection (through RegEx).

Why do I want it?

  • To keep track of new releases of one or more pieces of (most likely open-source) software.

  • To be notified of these new releases via:

    • Bark
    • Discord
    • Email
    • Gotify
    • Google Chat
    • IFTTT
    • Join
    • Mattermost
    • Matrix
    • Ntfy
    • OpsGenie
    • Pushbullet
    • Pushover
    • Rocket.Chat
    • Slack
    • Teams
    • Telegram
    • Zulip
  • To be able to send WebHook(s) to services in order to trigger the upgrade. (e.g. an AWX server with PlayBooks that will deploy the latest version, thanks to awx-operator)

  • To have a nice* web UI that displays all this tracking (see the demo).

Where should I go next?

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