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Can I change the time between Command/WebHook resend availability

When a Command/WebHook is triggered, resends are blocked for an hour, or until the Command has finished/the WebHook was receieved/the WebHook wasn’t receieved after max_tries sends. This has been done to prevent multiple of the same version upgrade from being attempted at once. If the Command/WebHook failed, the time until a resned is possible is 15s. If the Command/WebHook succeeded, the time until a resend is possible is 2*Interval (of the parent Service). This time is not configurable and has been chosen to help ensure the upgrade has had time to complete and will be noticed by a deployed_version check (if it has one) before a resend is possible.

  • TLDR: Change the Interval of the Service. Minimum time between successful action repeats is 2*Interval
Last modified July 26, 2022: 0.8.0 changes (#19) (45e0f16)