Help with pongo2 templating

Using vars

To use one of the vars available to you, enclose it in double curly brackets, e.g. to use the version var, you must use {{ version }}

Basic changelog through web_url

Changelogs sometimes include some variation of the version, or the full version in. If the changelog for the release of version 1.2.3 of example is hosted at https://example.com/changelog/1.2.3, you could use a web_url of https://example.com/changelog/{{ version }} to direct to that changelog.

Stripping parts of the version for the changelog used in web_url

We’ll use Authentik (awesome app!) as an example for this changelog. Authentik, versions are (as of writing), in the style of YEAR.MONTH.PATCH with the changelogs found at https://goauthentik.io/docs/releases/YEAR.MONTH. To get our web_url to strip the .PATCH out, we need to run filters on the version var. https://goauthentik.io/docs/releases/{{ version | split:"." | slice:":-1" | join:"." }} as the web_url would produce a link to the correct changelog.

Other places may use all, or some of the version, but change the delimeter from a . to a - for example. To handle those cases, Use {{ version | split:"." | join:"-" }} as the var.

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