Help with Regular Expressions

A RegEx (short for Regular Expression), is a string of text that allows you to match on specific patterns of text. For example, if you were given the text "tag_name": "v1.2.3", a small RegEx could be used to extract the version number in semantic form (‘1.2.3’), [0-9]+. (this would match on all cases of 1 or more of 0-9 in the target string)

With Argus, RegEx can be used in a few places

  • - RegEx used on the content of the page @ url that needs to match before Argus considers it a valid version.
  • - RegEx used on the version found that needs to match before Argus considers it a valid version.
  • service.url_commands[*].regex - RegEx used in a url_command to extract the version from the page.
  • service.deployed_version.regex - RegEx to get the deployed_version from the page @ url
Character Description Example Matches
^ Matches beginning of line ^any allow,any
$ Matches end of line y$ friendly,yay
. Match any character a.c abc,a_c
| OR operator a1 b1
(…) Capture anything matched v(1) captures 1
[…] Matches anything contained in the brackets [abc] a,b,c
[^…] Matches anything not contained in the brackets [^abc] d,e,f
[a-z] Matches any character between ‘a’ and ‘z’ (inclusive) [a-z] a,r,g
[0-9] Matches any number between ‘0’ and ‘9’ (inclusive) [0-2] 0,1,2
{x} match ‘x’ amount of times (ab){2} abab
{x,} match ‘x’ or more amount of times (ab){2,} abab, ababab
{x,y} match between ‘x’ and ‘y’ times (ab){1,2} ab, abab
* Match 0+ of the item before it ab*c ac,abc,abbc
+ Match 1+ of the item before it ab+c abc,abbc,abbc
? Match 0/1 of the item before it ab?c ac,abc
\ Escape the character after it 1\.2,dev\* 1.2, dev* (won’t match 132 or de)

Sometimes the sites you query will have multiple matches for your regex, e.g.

  version: "2.0.0-dev"
  version: "1.0.5"

If you wanted stable.version, you could use the version: "([^"]+)" RegEx. Though on its own, this would match both the ‘2.0.0-dev’ and the ‘1.0.5’. Argus would take the first match by default. You can get around this by giving your url_commands an index. So using this RegEx, but with an index of ‘1’ would give you the second match (as indexes start from 0).

An alternative would be to make the version number RegEx a bit stricter. Here, we have -dev in the beta release, so if it’s like that on all betas, we could make the RegEx exclude those cases like so, version: "([0-9.]+)". Now the RegEx is only allowing the version to be a sequence of numbers and full stops. This would give us ‘1.0.5’.

Helpful sites

You can test your regex on the sites below and see what it’s matching as well as why

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